Thursday 16 April 2015

Thursday Handmade Love Week 112 ~ Bear

This week's theme is..........

I saw the most beautiful bear pattern
this week and couldn't resist.

Etsy Sewing Patterns;
Frederick jointed teddy bear sewing pattern DOWNLOAD by Barbara-Ann Bears to make a traditional, centre seam bear Signature Bear Sewing Pattern PDF INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Easy to sew*** Teddy Bear sewing PATTERN 2  Ft MAMA Grizzly Teddy Bear  Pattern by Judi Lynn Designs

Etsy Cross-Stitch Patterns;
Little Bear Cross Stitch Pattern Instant Download Cross Stitch Pattern ' Teddy Bear' SALE Family Bear PDF Cross Stitch Pattern

Etsy Knitting Patterns;
ROMEO Bear / Teddy Bear Knitting Pattern/ PDF/ Plus Free Handmade Shoes Knitting Pattern/ INSTANT Download Baby Bear PDF knitting pattern The Three Bears toy knitting patterns

Etsy Crochet Patterns;
PATTERN: Little Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern - Amigurumi PDF Tutorial Crochet Pattern-- Teddy the Heirloom Bear --Crochet Pattern Teddy Bear Amigurumi Crochet Pattern PDF instant Download - Theo

Ravelry Knitting Patterns;
 Lisette-cover_small2 11_small2 Img01615-20130530-1127_small2

Ravelry Free Knitting Patterns;
2179016232_be6d24ebbc_n Knitpattoz_small2 Img_1137_small2

Ravelry Crochet Patterns;
Img_6739klein_small2 Bsugarwl3_small 11ss_small2

Ravelry Free Crochet Patterns;
Bear_for_featured_image_small2 Bear_brooch_me_small2 00006679_small2 

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