Tuesday 21 April 2015

I have a very special son!!

I had to write about this because
I didn't want to ever forget it!

This evening my son went up a level
in his reading at school.
For someone who is dyslexic
this is a major achievement.

Anyway as his first book he chose a book
about Egypt.
He loved learning about ancient Egypt at school.
He has discussed all the topics before.

Anyway we got to the 2nd page about death
and mummies and everything falls apart.

He was worried that we embalm our bodies.
I of course said no we either get buried
or cremated.
He asked what cremation was and I explained
that you are turned into dust which you can
either spread or bury.
He said this was horrible.
I explained that your soul has already left your body
when you die.
He asked if we then go to heaven which I said
yes if you are a good person.

Then he burst into tears!!
He said he didn't want to die.
I told him not to worry, look at GG
(great granny) she is 93 and still alive.
He said yes but I'm a boy and my Great Grandad
died years ago.
I explained that he was a smoker so he died younger.
He then said but once GG dies, then Granny & Grandad die,
then you and daddy die.
I'll be left on my own.

What can you say to make it better?
It's the thing I hate about him being an only child.
He has cousins but he only really sees one of them.

He then got upset saying he would miss all his toys.
I explained in heaven you could have anything you wished for.
He then said he would wish to meet God.

He has such a good heart!!!

He is upset about us changing the furniture.
He doesn't like change.
I wish everything could always stay the same for him
but it won't.
As he grows up he is going to face a lot of things.

He thinks about some really deep things.
He split up from his girlfriend when he was six.
They had been together for over a year.
He had thought about it and decided he didn't
want to get married.
He decided it wasn't fair on her to stay with her
when he wouldn't marry her.
He made the decision to split up with her.
He told her he had met someone else.
When she asked who he said he didn't know her
because she went to another school.

He has since said he isn't going to have children
as they cost too much.

No matter how many times I explain that he is only
8 and doesn't need to think about these things
he says that he can't stop as they are big decisions.

He often acts sooo young and then this other
person comes out. 

I know it comes from me as I used to be the same.
Doesn't make it any easier!
At least I can give him a hug and make things a little better.



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