Sunday 2 November 2014

Christmas Crochet ~ For Hearth, Home & Tree ~ Book Review

for Hearth, Home & Tree
by Edie Eckman
ISBN: 978-1-61212-329-5
Publisher: Storey Publishing
Publication Date: 1st Sept 2014
RRP: $14.95

Available direct from Workman Publishing Company

Christmas is quickly racing towards it.
I find the best thing to do is embrace it
and start making :-).

I was soo excited when I saw the cover to this book.
It just fills you with that Christmas warmth.

The book starts by giving you 9 different stockings to make.
The diversity in them is amazing.

You get patterns that are traditional to more current designs.
They give you all the details you need to add names to them.
As you can see they are all of a good size so that you
can either use them as decoration on your hearth
or to use as stockings to fill for children.


The next section is full of decorations for the tree.
There is everything from garlands to tree skirts.
I love the fact that the designs are versatile and will
look good in all different colours.
You can tailor your decorations to your colour theme.

There are even beautiful angels to add to your tree.

The next section is full of decorations for the home.
You can make mittens, stockings & bows for a garland
or add them as individual decorations for your tree.

I love all the little touches that are included.
From one small book.
There are multiple snowflakes and different mini stockings
and mittens to choose from.

You won't even believe the amount of patterns held in this book.
Not only that they are in written and chart format.
They are easy to follow and the language used means that
even a beginner can have a go at most of the patterns.
They even teach you everything to even how to make a twisted cord.

If you are ready for your Christmas making
then this book would be a very good start.
You'll find your Christmas can be a beautiful homemade Christmas.

I received a copy of the book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.


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