Monday 19 November 2012

Reborn Baby Dolls & Designing

Latley I have purchased a doll so I can
make and design more baby things.
Crocheting helps me keep my pain under control
but I'm running out of people to make
for in my family.

Now I know different people think different things
about Reborn baby dolls but
I must admit I am getting addicted!
I know some people don't like them because they look too real
but this is fantastic for a designer.

Above is my doll Lydia
Lydia was bought from:
She is 18" 4lb 5oz
and has 1/4 limbs with the rest being cloth including the body.
The head is weighted so she feels like a real baby.
This baby can be he or she so is perfect for showing
off designs.
Now Lydia is brilliant but doesn't show
off all clothes and designs well
as she only has 1/4 limbs.

I bought one mainly for little red
but is also good for using for
small preemie clothes.
It is also popular all over the world
for children so the clothes can be really good sellers.
You can buy the doll from the ELC
in the UK,default,pd.html
For £20
or similar dolls on amazon


So I decided that I wanted another reborn.
I wanted a realistic reborn that I could make things for.
Here is Lucie

I hope you all agree she is beautiful!
I am so excited!
I bought Lucie from Answer Brink on Ebay
She also has another reborn available 
which is finishing 21 Nov, 2012 17:03:43 GMT
Isn't she beautiful!

You will be hearing more about Answer Brink in the future
and I'll be featuring more of her work.
I will also do a post about Lucie as I'll want to show her off

I already have hundreds of ideas
of things I want to design for Lucie.

Now below are just a few I've found that I love 
and I thought you might be interested in purchasing.
There is a varied price range and location.
They range in price from £30 and all the way up the scale.

(links attached to each picture)
Custom made Reborn Babies by MiniMunchkins    Reborn Girl Doll Shyann by Aleina Peterson Private Listing for Brenna

   Little Reborn Baby Girl with two Outfits
Media Media Media
 Media Media
Media Media 
Media Media Media
Media Media Media

What do you think?

Now if you have any reborn baby dolls
you would like to link please feel free
whether for your own use or for sale:

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  1. Thank you for featuring My Beautiful Babies in your post! I try hard to create the most lifelike dolls I can, and for you to recognize my artwork means the world! Thanks again :)
    Dafne Brooks

  2. You are more than welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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