Friday 2 November 2012

I've Made Friday Week 33

Wow the first Friday of November already!
I hope you had a good October
& November is starting off well.

Halloween got cancelled round here :-(
It was poaring with rain, really cold and windy.
Little Red was upset but daddy took him for a little something
from the supermarket.

I'm also not so good.
I have a new CFS symptom!
The nerves in my face have recently
been extrmely sore.
At one point if someone had given me a knife I would of cut my face open.
Now it has spread to my left arm.
If you have ever hurt your funny bone
you now know what my pain is like.
It's actually more painful than that as all the nerves are affected.
As you might imagine I'm struggling to crochet.
Don't worry though cause I'm sure I'll be back to my
normal self soon.

I have finished a few things this week:
Little Red's Thor Hat
his Captain America Shield

I also made a cowl for me for the wedding.
Now I am going to sell the pattern for the cowl
but if you can come up with the name for the cowl
you will win a copy of the pdf pattern.
So now all you have to do is come up with a fantastic name for my pattern:

Now it's your turn.
Show us what you've been making.
It doesn't have to crocheted.
Anything you have made is brilliant to see.

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  1. Your Thor hat turned out great. I hope it was a fun costume to wear. Love the cowl.

    1. The Thor hat is for my brothers wedding. Little Red doesn't want to be boring so we comprimised and said as long as he doesn't wear his hat in the church or when he is having his picture took he can wear it. Don't know how that will go down with the bride :-)

  2. 'Love the Thor hat! You are so very clever! The cowl is just beautiful. Oh... How about calling it The Clever Girl Cowl?! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. What terrific projects this week! The Thor hat is especially fun and clever!

  4. Nice hat! Hope to see the photos of your brother using it.

    1. Thank you ever so much! It's my son who will be wearing it but I will have some pictures of him.


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