Thursday 13 October 2011

Latest Projects

Well as I said I would here is an update of what I have been making lately.

Using the following pattern as a guideline I made a lovely hat and scarf set.  I used my basic hat and added the shell stitch from the pattern and altered the flower slightly.

I've made a couple of new designs:

Ryan has been making quite a few requests lately and as a soft touch mum I've been making them :-)

This is a brilliant pattern that I followed to make him an Elmo:

I also made him a hat and scarf set with the wool that he picked.  I'm going to have to go wool shopping without him in the future as he keeps picking wools and asking for more stuff :-)

I am currently making a hat and possibly a scarf for the harvest festival but as it isn't finished you'll have to wait for the pictures.

I have decided to treat myself to a shawl/blanket, When I've got a few free mins I pick it up and complete a few more rows.  It's coming along nicely:


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