Friday 28 October 2011

Hope you have a good Friday

Good morning everyone

I have made a few decisions about my blog.  I have been adding things as and when I get chance but I'm going to try and alter the way I blog.  I'm going to try and update the blog either on a Wednesday or Friday.  I'll post pictures of anything I'm in the middle of or anything I've finished.  At least once a month I am going to try out someone elses pattern and show you pictures of what I have made including the link to the pattern.

At the moment I've not got anything else finished.  Trying to rest as much as possible as my son has a bad chest infection and now I have caught it.  It's been early to bed all week but as soon as Ryan was able to sleep through I spent the night up coughing.  Going to try and get a Dr's appointment as I don't want to get worse and be left without medication.

My hubby's brithday party is a week tomorrow.  I've got to get the house ready but as per usual when I've got stuff that has to be done I get ill.  I'm sure I'll get it all done and I'll make sure that I rest as much as possible inbetween. 

I am tryng to be good and I haven't lit the wood burning stove yet.  I'll save it for later in the afternoon or early this evening.  It is only a small stove but it doesn't half put some heat out.  I'm getting quite used to cleaning it out now and it only takes a maximum of 5 mins.  I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.  I love it when it's cold outside and we are curled up all nice and warm.  A gas fire just doesn't give the same beauty or feeling.  I love watching the flames and how the react.  We haven't sorted out what we are doing with the surround but there is no rush.  It doesn't look nice at the moment but just having it is enough for me.

Hope you all have a good Friday!


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