Friday 30 September 2016

I've Made Friday Week 200

Good Morning everyone!

Wow the end of September already!
I can't believe how fast this month has gone.
How have you found September?

Autumn has finally arrived to the UK.
The temperature has dropped and
the rain and winds are here.

It's been a busy week this week.
We've had a funeral.
My husband's Great Uncle passed away.
He lived well into his 90's and was
married to his wife for 68 years.
It was a beautiful funeral.

Then I was off to the doctors and they
are now saying that my deteriorating health
and brain issues maybe due to my medication.
So I am now in the process of reducing it so that
I can come off it.
I am booked in for my flu jab on Saturday morning.

I haven't finished anything this week
so I have a couple of things my mum has made.
She is a brilliant card maker.
I am hoping she'll send over some pictures
of her Christmas ones in the coming weeks
so you can see more of her work.



  1. Hi Sue - I hate this weather and found it really hard to get out of bed this morning I was that stiff. Two doses of strong co-codamol later I feel much better and have managed to do some knitting. I hope the reduction in your medication works for you. I suppose everyone reacts differently to each drug and of course there is always the potential for a clash in the cocktail you end up taking. I really hope they can improve your health so you can enjoy life with your family and of course do lots more crafting. Your Mum's work is beautuful. I do enjoy your blog. xx

    1. Anne, I know what you mean, it's difficult in this weather isn't it. Fingers crossed we get some sunny days to make things better. So far so good. It wasn't helping with the pain so I haven't noticed too much of a difference yet. When I went to the drs I couldn't believe when she said she wouldn't send me for a specialist referral as she thinks my symptoms are getting worse because of the medication. She didn't say anything about this when I was just taking it. Now I have asked to come off them she has admitted they were probably making things worse. I don't come off completely for another month or two but I am hoping things will start to get better sooner.
      Thanks for your kind words. They really do mean a lot!


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