Friday 9 September 2016

Cute Crocheted Animals ~ GMC ~ Book Review

Cute Crocheted Animals
by Emma Varnam

ISBN: 9781784942014
Publisher: GMC
Publication Date: September 2016
RRP: £12.99

Available direct from GMC


Okay if you crochet this is a must have book!!!!!!
It's beautiful, amazing, Emma is so talented.

So what you need to know about this book
is you get patterns for 5 different animals
for both girls and boys.
So yes that is ten different soft toys to make.
Not only that you get the cutest clothes for
them to wear as well.
You can mix and match the outfits.

Never mind children wanting these dolls,
I want to have all of them and dress them up.

Now on a serious note if you have a child
you want to make something for then
this is the book you need.
No child isn't going to fall in love with the characters.

Each character has it's own name and personality.
When you get the patterns for each of the animals
you get a beautiful picture with a little note
to help you to get to know them.
Jack the rabbit 
"is a cheeky soul. He loves to run around and
play practical jokes.
He's very proud of his whoopee cushion."

All of the patterns are in written format
and use Debbie Bliss yarn.
Emma mainly uses the baby cashmerino
range so that the toys will be super soft
yet tough enough to stand the use of a child.

The patterns are easy to follow and there
is a guide to crochet stitches at the back
of the book to help you if you need it.

There is also help at the back of the book
to give you the finishing touches to your projects.

Not only do you get loads of different outfits to make
there are also tons of beautiful accessories
that make the toys even more special.

Emma has thought of everything.
I know I want to spend the next few months
making everything in the book.
I think I'll make a mouse for my niece
And the bear for my son.
I really can't wait to get started on them.
Now all I need is my yarn to arrive :-).

Available direct from GMC


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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