Thursday 28 July 2016

Practical Sew & Mend ~ GMC ~ Book Review

Essential Mending Know-How
by Joan Gordon

ISBN: 9781784941765
Publisher: GMC
Publication Date: 7 Jun. 2016
RRP: £9.99

Available direct from GMC.


In past generations this information
would have been passed down each generation.
Unfortunately this isn't the case anymore.

I never learnt any sewing and mending skills
from my mother.
Previously most of us would use and throw away.
We wouldn't even think of mending something.
Now however we have realized
it's better to mend it and use things more.

In previous years I was almost scared
of sewing.
Now I am realizing there is nothing
difficult or scary about sewing.

This book is brilliant.
It takes it from scratch and teaches
you all the basics.

The pictures are extremely clear
and easy to follow.
It takes you through everything from
threading a needle to making a knot.

The book has fantastic tips that make
everything super easy.
Sewing straight has always been my issue
but with the useful tip in this book
this won't be the case anymore.

The book is broken down into sections:
  • Buttons and other closures
  • Seams
  • Hems
  • Fix & Repair.

There is just so much information in this book.
It's the kind of book that you keep in the
house and use time and time again.

No matter your level if you want
to learn how to mend and repair
different things then this is really a brilliant book.

This book is like having your mum or gran
showing what to do.

I have already used this book a number of times.
My sons trousers needed their 
hems moving
and I had to repair a split seam.
This book gave me the confidence to tackle them.

A brilliant book that really does show you everything

Available direct from GMC.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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