Friday 29 July 2016

Crochetterie ~ Jacqui Small LLP ~ Book Review

Crochetterie Cool Contemporary Crochet for the Creatively-minded
by Molla Mills

ISBN: 9781910254899
Publisher: Jacqui Small LLP
Publication Date: Aug. 18, 2016
RRP: £20.00

Available direct from Quarto Knows.


Beautifully practical.
I think that's the best way I can describe this book.
It takes practicality to a whole new level.
This is the most unique crochet book
I have ever seen.

Now this book isn't just a crochet book,
it uses other materials and methods
to take your crocheted projects to a 
whole new level.

You will learn everything from using
leather to create handles and other fasteners
as well as fabric to create linings and bases.

This book has also been designed to inspire
men as well as women.
It's designed to appeal to men to bring
them into the crochet movement.

The book is split into section:
  • Home
  • Clothes
  • Travels
  • Equipment
  • Basic Instructions
  • Maintenance

Each of the designs are practical,
imaginative and well thought out.
You will be amazed by the amount of
projects that are held within the book.

With each project there are step-by-step
instructions as well as pictures
to support you.

The crochet patterns are in written format
but there are also charts for so of the designs.

I love the different materials that are
used within the book and I really
like the way they are used with the 
crochet patterns to create extremely practical items.

There are quite a lot of projects that
are very masculine but there are also fun
and interesting ones as well.

There are some cute patterns for children,
I especially love the bee game.

The thing that most excites me is the
idea of following the instructions
to whittle your own crochet hook.
I am hoping this book will inspire
my son a bit more to learn to crochet.

Available direct from Quarto Knows.



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