Saturday 2 April 2016

Guest Blogger ~ 2 Crochet Hooks

Hey All! This is Millie & Kristina from 2 Crochet Hooks! We are so excited to be guest hookin' over here at the Crochet Addict UK blog today. Susan is so sweet, I know you know that already, so we were so excited to visit with you all! We thought we would share this fun scrap buster pattern for you - a PURSE! We all need purses and if you don't, someone you know does! Best of all by using scraps you end up with a totally unique purse! Scrappy owl Purse Free Crochet Pattern by 2CrochetHooks
We dressed up this simple envelope purse with an owl face cut from felt and a loom flower given by a friend. Dress up yours any way you like to show your individuality! Materials: All your scrap yarn!! H hook Button Felt if desired ch 25 Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch, work 3 sc in end, sc in each ch across, 2 sc in end and ss in top of first sc (Alternately you could mark the first stitch and crochet in rounds), ch 1 but do not turn Row 2: sc in same stitch and the next 25 sc, working 2 sc in next stitch, sc across other side until the last stitch, 2 sc in that sc, join in top of first sc, ch 1 but do not turn Row 3 - 5: Repeat row 2 Row 6: In back loops only, sc in each sc around, join in top of first sc, ch 1 and do not turn Row 7 - 30: sc in each sc around, joining in top of first sc, ss over the next three sc, ch 1 Row 30: sc in same stitch and next 37 sc, ch 1 and turn row 31 - 40: sc in each sc across, ch 1 and turn at end of row Row 42: sc in each sc across, do not ch 1 Row 42: (Start of flap) turn purse, ss over 2 sc, ch 1 and sc across 37 (stopping one sc short), turn Row 43 - 56: Repeat row 42, dropping a sc from each end on each row Row 57: ss in one sc, ch 1 and work sc in same stitch and next two stitches, chain 4 (or amount needed for your button), skip 2 sc, sc in last three stitches, ch 1 and turn Row 58: sc in same stitch and next 2 sc, work 4 sc in chain, sc in each sc to end. Finish off and weave in ends (doing scraps there might be a TON of these!) Scrappy Owl Purse 2crochethooks **Note: we made a triangular flap - change it up with a round or square or crazy shaped one to match your mood or your decorating plans! Fold flap over and mark for button, add a button! Strap: With 2 strands together, join in one corner of the purse with sc, ch 80, sc to opposite corner, chain 19, sc to 20th ch of other strap (try to keep chains from twisting and keep even), ch 19 and sc the 40th ch of the other strap, ch 19 and sc to the 60th ch of the other strap, ch 20 and join in top of original sc. Finish off and weave ends or leave as a bit of fringe! Scrappy Owl Purse 2crochethooks Owl Face: Using felt cut white circles, black half moons/u shapes, and small bits for lashes and a golden triangle (beak). Using all purpose craft glue or hot glue, add to your purse! Lining: I added a lining to ours using scrap cloth - lay cloth right sides together, cut about a half inch larger than the purse on both sides and across the tops. Add a small pocket to the inside if desired. Great instructions HERE Fold over top edges to the wrong side about a 1/2 inch and run a quick stitch across. Matching tops together, right sides still together, sew each side with a 1/2 in seam allowance and press open. Make a square bottom - instructions and images here if you need it. Scrappy Owl Purse 2crochethooks Slide inside the crochet bag, lining up sides and top, smooth out if needed and pin along the top edge. Carefully sew with a small stitch across the top, about 1/4 inch seam allowance. I find the straight stitch works best. Fini! I hope you had fun scrap busting with us today! Millie 2 crochet hooks

Thank you ever so much Millie!!!

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