Thursday 14 April 2016

Amazing! ~ Magazine ~ Product Review & Giveaway

Okay I am super excited about this magazine.
Having a nine year old son that loves
to learn but doesn't love school,
it was ideal!

The brilliant thing about the Amazing magazine
is it takes all the things that kids need to learn
and disguises them so children don't even
realise how much they are learning.

They run competitions, give you great fun
how to's and makes.
They have recipes for you to try as well as 
word searches and other fun things to have a go at.

Each part of the magazine is split into fun sections
that are even more fun once you look at them.
There is everything from health & careers to languages.

Every subject is presented with fun and interesting
pictures and facts all over the place as well as funny
little anecdotes. 

The magazines each have a running theme
that is the basis for that issue.
I received Ancient Romans Special
& Human Body Special.

The magazines are designed for children that are 7+
and covers so many different subjects.
Foreign Languages
Personal Development
and a whole lot more.

The magazines are 36 pages long
and will keep children amused for hours.

Red Monster loved flicking through
the magazines and then every so often
he picks it up again and reads it in more detail.

We had great fun laughing at the jokes and
spotting all the silent letters.

Red Monsters absolute favorite item
within the magazine was how to cook
bogie bites.
He is super excited about making some
for his friends!
They really do look disgusting but taste delicious.

The magazine has worked very hard
to be great fun as well as educational.
They really have thought about what gets
children excited about things.
At £49 for 12 issues I think it's fantastic
value for money.
There is so much packed in!
Not only that if you don't want to subscribe
to a hard copy of the magazine
you can also subscribe on 
iTunes, GooglePlay & Kindle Stores
for £23.99 for the full year!

The brilliant thing is I am giving away
a copy of the magazine
to ten UK winners.
Yes that means ten of you can win!

If you don't want to wait 
or you want to subscribe for the full year
you as readers of my blog
can have 10% off!
Use the code;

I really can't recommend this magazine enough.
Red Monster loves them and is so excited
about them.
We've laughed and enjoyed them together
as well as him going off and reading
it himself.
Some of it is slightly difficult for him
to read, due to his dyslexia,
but he just asks me to read that bit
and he's off again.

Red Monster prefers the hardcopy of the magazine,
especially with the different puzzles to complete.
However if your child prefers to read
on their tablet etc. then you don't miss out
and it's brilliant to have the choice.

Check out their other issues:

I received the magazine to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.

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  1. I'd like to win this for my amazing daughter who loves magazines!
    Do you see what I did there? ;)


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