Monday 19 October 2015

Quilter's Precut Companion ~ Book Review

by Jenny Doan

ISBN:  9781617452208
Publisher: C&T Publishing
Publication Date: 28 September 2015
RRP: £6.99

Available Direct from Search Press.


As a newbie quilter this book is fantastic.
I am sure anyone who quilts will find this book

The spiral bound book provides
with a quick and easy guide to quilting.

Using pre-cuts makes quilting so much easier.
It's difficult when you start out to be able
to afford all the fabric you would like.
Going into a shop you feel overwhelmed
with the amount of choice you have.
Choosing pre-cuts means you can get a 
fantastic array of fabrics that make brilliant quilts.
The designers take the decisions for you and
put together the fabrics that make amazing quilts.

Once you have the fabric you want to use
you can use the book to help make all the decisions about your quilt.

The book starts by giving you all the standard
quilt sizes including ones with a drop & tuck.

You then have a breakdown of the standard
precut sizes and names.
This is all new to me and it's fantastically
It takes the language and makes it easy to follow.

The guide also breaks down how many
precuts you will need for each size of quilt.

You then have diagrams and sizes for cutting
fat quarters into each of the sizes.
From there it sets out how to cut layer cakes and
charm squares.

Then it gives you wonderful tips on
using precuts.

You then have a diagram that details
what yardage is required for borders.
Bonding and backings are then broken down
in various sizes.

I just can't believe how much information
is packed in. It explains binding width
and shows example diagrams of different bindings.

Bias strips, opening seams and offset
are explained.

The back of the book breaks down triangles.
It takes you step by step through
the different designs you can make with them.
The step by step instructions and
sizing graphs make everything so simple.
You can follow each step by step to make
amazing quilts.

This book is fantastic and is a wonderful
information book for any quilter.
I have been afraid of how to work with
my pre-cuts but this book helps make more sense.

I would highly recommend this book.
I'll be using it time and again.
It's useful to any level of quilter.

Available Direct from Search Press.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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