Wednesday 21 October 2015

From Art to Stitch ~ Book Review

by Janet Edmonds

Publisher: Search Press
Publication Date: 07 September 2015
RRP: £17.99

Available direct from Search Press.

This book is a showcase for the techniques
and talents of innovative textile artists.

It takes you through the process of finding
an inspiration to making the amazing
pieces of art.

The beginning of the book takes you through
the amazing array of materials that can
be used to create amazing pieces of art.

Each section is dedicated to a different
artist and the amazing way they use
different materials and methods to
create their art.

The break down of how the artist uses inspiration
and makes them into their pieces.

Each of the artists use the most amazing
pieces of inspiration to break it down
and make it into their own interpretation.

It can be anything from another pieces of art
to a photo to an everyday object.
They either replicate it as they see it,
using stitches and colour
or they take the design and make it into
a unique piece of art.

I love the fact that not only are stitches used
they also use other too items to make the items sing.

This book is a real inspiration.
If you want to take your art to a new level
then you'll be very interested in this book.

You can also use this book as a brilliant
read that explains the artist and their methods to you.

Each artist is so unique.
Each piece takes its own personality on.

Available direct from Search Press.

I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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No monies were exchanged.


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