Wednesday 12 August 2015

Gameband ~ Review

Red Monster was jumping up and down when he heard
we were going to review the new Gameband!!!

If you aren't familiar with Minecraft
it's the game that most children and adults
are playing.
It's an amazing game that you can create
just about anything.
Monster Red loves spending hours
designing worlds and other things for the game.
The game uses pixels to create items.
From there you can go deeper into things
and design your own characters etc.
There are some people who have recreated worlds
such as Harry Potter, Pokemon, Cities etc.
The options are limitless.
This type of play is called creative
but there is also an option for survival
where you get to fight spiders, creepers & other
wonderful things.
In this mode you have to dig to find the 
materials you will need and then you
have to put the correct metals etc.
together to make items such as axes.

Now the thing with the game is the fact
that it's on your pc but you have so much
that you want to share with your friends.
You also want to carry on with your worlds
etc. when you aren't at home.
This is where the gameband comes into play.

The basics are that the gameband is a
usb that you can save your mods and worlds
etc. on.
Once the data is saved onto the band
you can then take it anywhere with you.

Play anywhere
Play Minecraft™ on any Mac OS, 
Windows, and Linux-based computer.

Never lose a World again!
Double safety: 
Minecraft™ Worlds are saved live on Gameband 
and backed up on our secure cloud-based servers.

The really fun thing of the Gameband is;
Create & share your own animations, images and text; 
or download content from other 
Gamebanders on the PixelFurnace website.

The Gameband is really easy to use.
Just plug it into your pc and it does everything else for you.

When you receive your Gameband you get it in
a beautiful box with everything you will need.

As soon as you plug it in the program will start 
to automatically install the program
and link to the Gameband site.

As you can see from the screenshots the instructions are
easy to follow and fun.
They are in language that is easy to understand and terminology
kids can understand.

Once you are setup the fun begins.
The Gameband is fun in itself.

Red Monster was super excited about the fact he can decided
what appears on the Gameband.
He can change it and he loves what he can do.

At first it looks blank

But plug it into the pc and start up PixelFurnance
and the options are limitless.

but then you can choose what you want on the band.
Press the button and your options start to appear.
You can choose to have a 12 hr or 24 hr clock
or non.

You can choose to have the date either in

You Can Add scrolling messages or images to appear
or animations.
The program automatically comes with some
Minecraft images and animations that are easy to load
or you can go onto the Gameband site and
add others that people have designed.

As you can see the Gameband is a huge success.
We haven't even tried all the features yet
but Little Red is taking it everywhere with him.

He has taken it to the park and shown and told
all the other kids about it.
It's now on the want list of numerous children.
He's already asked if I can bring it to school when he goes back
so that he can show it to his friends.

They don't only come in RED
they also come in diamond colours.

If you know anyone who plays Minecraft
then the Gameband would be a huge success.
They make brilliant gifts!

The Gameband is a massive hit in our house!!!!

Check out the website;

I received this Product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.


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