Tuesday 25 August 2015

Edward's Menagerie: Birds ~ Review & UK Giveaway

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You can purchase the book direct from

I don't know whether you are aware or not but this is the 2nd book
in the Edward's Menagerie series.

The 2nd book is even more amazing than the 1st.
The brilliant thing is the book is designed
so even a new crocheter can make some of them.

As you can see from the cover this book
it is jam packed with different designs.
You can crochet all of the below;

  1. CELINE the Dove 
  2. DORA the Wood Pigeon 
  3. ERNEST the Canary 
  4. HENR Y the Raven 
  5. VINCE the Blue-footed Booby 
  6. ALAN the Magpie 
  7. INA the Stork 
  8. DUKE the Mallard 
  9. ELVIS the Cockatoo 
  10. SCOTT the Woodpecker 
  11. GIANNI the Lovebird 
  12. MEGHAN the Toucan 
  13. ROBIN the Robin 
  14. GARE TH the Puffin 
  15. ROHI T the Peacock 
  16. CAESAR the Emperor Penguin 
  17. ENID the Long-eared Owl 
  18. JACK the Macaw 
  19. PETRA the Rockhopper Penguin 
  20. BEN the Kingfisher 
  21. ANIK the Snowy Owl 
  22. GILBERT the Pheasant 
  23. OSCAR the Penguin 
  24. JORGE the Jay
  25. ETHE L the Kiwi 
  26. DA VE the Seagull 
  27. SOPHIA the Flamingo 
  28. HUCK the Pelican 
  29. HAZEL the Hen 
  30. BARNE Y the Owl 
  31. ELIZABETH the Dodo 
  32. MATEO the Cock of the Rock 
  33. EMILY the Vulture 
  34. FLORIAN the Ostrich 
  35. ROSS the Turkey 
  36. KEVIN the Cassowary 
  37. TRICIA the Silkie Chicken 
  38. ABRAHAM the Bald Eagle 
  39. KIT the Rooster 
  40. MARGOT the Swan 

I know an amazing 40 patterns.
The other amazing thing is each of them
has patterns for four different sizes.
That means the book is packed full of 160 patterns!

The book is split into 3 sections.
Each of the sections hold a different level
of pattern.
This means you can easily define and find
which patterns are suitable for your
level of crocheting.

There are some standard forms that
are used throughtout the book.
These mean each of the designs
have a similar theme but the individual
parts of the patterns make their own

The stork has to be my favorite!
I am going to make one for my son.
I just can't decide which one to make for my niece.

The other amazing fantastic thing is
if you buy the pdf book from the Toft Shop
you get an extra 10 Patterns

Each of the patterns are clear and easy to understand.
Each part is made separately and then joined.

At the start of each pattern to get an introduction
to the bird.
Each has it's own name, history and personality.
The colours that Toft now stock are beautiful
and make a great addition to the designs.

Now comes the fun part!


TOFT will be hosting a family-friendly day 
to celebrate the new book 'Edward's Menagerie: Birds'
It includes FREE workshops and farm tours.

I am giving away one family ticket to the event;
2 adults and up to 3 children

The giveaway is only for tickets to the event
so you'll have to make you own way there.

The Toft Alpaca Shop
Toft Manor
Nr Rugby, England CV22 6NR

United Kingdom

With over 200 alpaca's to meet and lots
of fun things going on you are sure to have a fantastic day!

I will be picking the winner in the morning so quick get your entries in!

I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.


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