Friday 9 January 2015

I've Made Friday Week 133

Good Morning everyone!
I hope your week is going well.

The kids are back at school so it's raining 
and cold in the UK.
It's strange getting back to normal.
I really enjoyed Christmas but
it is good to get back to a normal life.

It's my niece's birthday this weekend.
It's her first birthday so we are really excited.
It will be nice to see family.

I finished my infinity scarf
Fingers Crossed Infinity Scarf

I will be releasing the free pattern for you soon.
What do you think?
I'm making it out of the beautiful Regina yarn from Adriafil.
It's 100% Merino Wool.

I haven't finished my Hitchhikers Shawl yet
so you'll have to wait till next week for that one.

I have a bit of a confession now.
I have read quite a few books over Christmas.
I didn't review them before now
as I wanted the time to sit in peace
and concentrate on the reviews.

I read
Ghosts - John Milton 4#
by Mark Dawson


The story follows a man called Milton.
He used to be the number one of an assassins group
run by the English Government.
Now he is the number one fugitive wanted by the government.
He wanted to leave the group but no one gets to leave.
You only leave group fifteen one way.
He is arrested in Texas after a bar fight but he is
released by a Russian agent who wants him to work for them.
He now has to play everyone against themselves so that
he can save his friend.
His friend is being held by the Russian's and if he
doesn't save him soon he is likely to die.

I really enjoyed the twists and turns in the story.
The characters are well written and have
a deep meaning to them and there personalities.
I would highly recommend this book. 

Waiting for Wednesday
by Nicci French
Book 3 in the Frieda Klien series


This series of books follows a Psychotherapist; Frieda Klein.
I love this series of books.
Frieda's thinking keeps you gripped and adds twists
to the story that most people wouldn't imagine.
Frieda had been attacked in the previous book
and is still healing from the physical and mental side of this.
Her niece introduces her to her friend Ted.
His mum has been recently murdered and the case
hasn't been solved yet.
Frieda ends up entangled in everyting.
Although the police have been told not to use her
services anymore, her friendship with  DCI Karlsson
means that she can help them to find the real killer.
I really enjoyed this book!
So much so that I instantly bought the next book in the series.
I enjoy Frieda's character and the way it pulls
you through the story.
The story grips you and wants you to read more and more.
This is a fantastic series with much more than just
a who done it.

Thursday's Children: 
A Frieda Klein Novel (Frieda Klein Series Book 4)
by Nicci French


In this book Frieda Klein has to deal
with a situation in her past that she buried.
She hoped this awful painful memory was finished
but now she has to deal with it.
An ex school friend comes to her because her
daughter is having issues.
Frieda gets to the bottom of the issue
and it turns out that this poor child has
suffered at the same hand as her.
Frieda has to go back to her school days town,
her mum and all the ghosts that come with that.
Frieda has to deal with what is happening now
and what happened in the past.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book!
The emotions keep you wanting to read more.
You go through the rollercoaster with the characters.
It's a 5 out of 5 for me!

Almost Dead
Dead series book 1
by Rebecca A. Rogers

The basic story is about two teenagers who are involved in a crash.
The teenagers involved are bratts!
They aren't dead yet but they may soon well be.
The story follows their spirits as they try to get
people to see where there bodies are.
In the crash both their cars have gone off a bridge
and they are deep in the revine.
It isn't going to be as easy as they think and time
is running out.
At the start of the story I didn't think I was going to enjoy it
but as the story progressed the quality progressed with it.
The book is a nice easy read and I am sure
the author is just going to get better from here.

Alpha Moon
Silver Moon series 0.5#
by Rebecca A. Rogers

The story is set five hundred years ago.
Daciana has had to leave London with her parents.
Her father has lost all their wealth gambling
and she has to leave her priviledged life behind her.
Before she leaves her maid predicts her downfall.
They move to Colchester where she meets
brothers Alaric and Ulric.
They are working tirelessly on their fathers farm
to keep it going and keep enough food coming in
for them and their father.
Then the unthinkable happens.
The werewolf has follewed Daciana to Colchester
and now hunts her.
Whilst they are hunting the werewolf with the other
town members Daciana and Ulric are attacked.
They are bitten and destined to become werewolves.
Ulric thinks that he can save them using a witches cure
but it turns out to be a curse.
I really enjoyed this book and couldn't wait to read the
next book in the series.
I love the fact that Rebecca researched the language
so that when the characters spoke they spoke
as they would then.
The characters have enough about them and draw you
into the story.
I loved the fact that although Ulric and Alaric were brothers
they each had enough about their characters to be
able to see the differences in them.
I would of liked a bit more about the past to get them where
they were, especially Alaric.
Overall good read and leaves you wanting to find out
what happens.

Silver Moon 
(Silver Moon, #1)
by Rebecca A. Rogers


Candra should be enjoying this time in her life.
She is turning 18 in a few months.
However she has been getting in lots of trouble at home
and her parents make the difficult decision
to send her to her Aunt's and Uncle's.
This is where her life is turned upside down!
She is about to become a werewolf
but it isn't just that simple.
Two families are fighting and she is at the center
of the fight.
Someone is also Stalking her, both in life and in her dreams.
She doesn't know who it is or what they want.
This is a well written story.
There are really good elements that bring the story
together and a really good book in the series.
You are left wanting to know what happens and wanting
to read more.
It's a really easy read and enough about it to keep you interested.
I'm looking forward to reading more in the series.

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