Friday 5 December 2014

Beautiful Braiding Made Easy ~ Book Review

by Helen Deighan
ISBN: 9781782211303
Publisher:Search Press
Publication Date:17 November 2014
RRP: £7.99/$15.95

Available direct from Search Press


As you can see from the cover of this book
you know it's going to be packed full
of different designs for you to try.

Not only do you get easy to follow instructions 
you also get your own disk & plate to cut out.

This book is an easy to follow guide
to Japanese braiding.
It covers everything from yarns or threads to use.
How to arrange the threads on the disk or plate.
How to braid with beads and how to finish off.

There are an amazing mix of designs to make.
Each looks more amazing than the last.

Not only that you are given examples of how you can use the braids.
I must admit that there were lots more ideas than I had throught of.

Making the braids can take you a while but the finished product
is so worth it!

With this book and the clear instructions and pictures 
you are going to find them so much easier to make.
The book is ideal for anyone who is a beginner or 
someone who wants to expand their skills.

You learn how to make bracelets, necklaces, bag handles and much much more!

I love this book.
Previously I have always been worried I wouldn't be able
to achieve the beautiful designs.
This book puts you at ease and explains it in a way that make
it so much easier.

This book would make a fantastic gift for Christmas.
Why not add some threads and the recipient could
get started on Christmas day.

Or why not buy it for yourself and make some gifts
for friends and family for Christmas.

It's a fantastic craft to have to work with other crafts.
Why not crochet or knit a beautiful bag and
add a beautiful braided handle to give it that
something extra special.

Available direct from Search Press


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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