Wednesday 3 April 2013

What You Doing Wednesday Week 52

I hope you are all having a good week.

Hubby still has tonsillitis so things are going as planned 
as usual.
He has been on antibiotics for a week now
but it doesn't seem to be clearing.
I've never seen him so ill.
For the first 3 days he fell asleep every 20-30mins
and he didn't eat anything.
He is now able to eat some soft foods
but I think he'll be back at the doctors today.

As we couldn't go out for Easter we decided to make the fun in the house.
I set-up a treasure hunt for Little Red.
Each time he found a prize he found another clue.

We didn't want to just give him chocolates this year
so we decided to give him a toy I made for him
& 2 different board games.

I'm going to review them over the next couple of weeks.
I also won tickets to see Justin and friends live.
I'll have a full review for you next week.

We also got Little Red a science kit.
We find that he learns better through doing.
We bought him the Envio Battery Green Science Kit


The kit comes with a number of different things  
to learn about the different things you can make electricity from
& what you can power.

The kit comes with clear instructions
with clear pictures for each.

You get plastic cups for the water experiment

 A cardboard cup to amplify the sound from the sound chip
 electrodes so you can make the batteries
 Wires to connect everything up
 bottle caps for the vinegar water battery
 A light tower that has a red bulb so you can see when your battery is working
 A sound chip. Using this they can also see how sound can be amplified.
A clock. 

 Daddy helped Little Red but the instructions were very easy to follow.

Once we'd set-up the vinegar water we tried all 3 of the items
to show Little Red how the battery powers all of them.
First we set-up the light tower.
He was sooo excited when the light lit up.

This is a fantastic kit. Little Red learnt so much whilst having fun.
We can't wait to make some more of the batteries.
The items you can make batteries from when you follow this kit:
  • Lemons
  • Potatoes
  • Soil
  • Vinegar Water
  • Water
  • Water & paperclips
  • Peg & coins
  • Forks & lemons
My son is six and although we helped him I think he would
of been able to manage it himself.
I would highly recommend this kit and it's fantastic value for money (we live in UK)
We will be buying more of these kits in the future
& we will be performing more of the experiments in this kit.

Now what I'm making this week:
You may be wondering what this is.
It's going to be a Jack Russell
I'm using the pattern from Yarn A Bees
this is the finished pattern:
Jack Russell Terrier Crochet Pattern
I can't wait to show you mine when it's finished.
I am loving this pattern!
If you are a newbie but are able to sc in the round
then you would be able to make this.

I'm also making a wash cloth for a friend.
She is moving to a new house so I'm making her a pamper kit.

I'm trying out wet felting with Little Red.
We have a few stones in a few different colours
to try.

This week I am listening to:
The Lost Prince by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Another free book on Books Should Be Free
It's another good book from
Frances Hodgson Burnett
It's all about a young boy who is moving
round the world with his father and his "friend"
hiding from people that are after them
after their country of origin fell to pieces
in war.

Now it's your turn to share what you are doing.
It doesn't have to be crochet, anything you are making
is perfect.

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