Tuesday 8 January 2013

I Want Your Opinion!!!!

I Want Your Opinion!

If you don't know I come up with lots of ideas.
My latest idea is 3 fold.
I'm not currently selling my patterns but if I do in the future I was thinking
of using these ideas:

1)                  I carry on designing my themed hats & other things I enjoy designing.

2)                 I design more than one theme to the themed hats.
An example is a dog hat.
I want to redesign the dog hat as I want it to have more character.
What I was thinking was designing a few options within 
the same pattern.
It might be just a change of colour or adding something.
My idea is that with the one pattern you will get:
A girlie design
A design for boys
A design for Valentines
& a design for Christmas.
if it's suitable I might even add more options.
When I am designing hats I need to try and make all 6 of the sizes:
Newborn, 3-6months, 6-12months, 1-3ys & 3-10yrs.
This way I would still make the six but incorporate up to 6 designs for 
each of the hats.

3) I design basic patterns such as:
  • Newborn Dress
  • Newborn Bolero
  • Newborn booties
  • Newborn Dungarees
  • Newborn Trousers
  • Newborn Shorts
  • Newborn Waist Coat
  • Newborn Diaper Cover
  • Newborn Jumper
  • Newborn cardigan
  • Newborn Hooded top
  • Leg warmers in different sizes
  • Fingerless gloves in differernt sizes
  • Mittens in different sizes
  • Cowl in different sizes
  • Scarf
  • Cocoon in Newborn, 0-3months & 3-6months

Now I'm not going to be able to design them all at once but will work my way through the patterns over the next couple of years. 

Then I'll put together an additions pack.  The additions pack with make the clothing into a theme.
For instance for the diaper cover you could buy the tail pack. I would also offer the pack for a small amount as part of the themed hat. 
The example could be a monkey hat and you get the pattern for a monkey tail etc to add to either the diaper cover, shorts, trousers, cocoon etc. 
Once you have the basic pattern for each item it would be a small amount to buy the additions to make the pattern to a theme. One of the ones I was thinking of was a scarecrow cocoon or dungarees. I would give you the pattern for the patches with straw etc so you could have them plain or add the patches etc to make it look like a scarecrow. 

As you can tell my mind has been going wild. Being woken in the early hours with a lung infection gives you time to think.  It's very dangerous for me. 

Now what do you think????????


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