Saturday 26 January 2013

Guest Blogger Week 49 Busy Mom Designs

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Tricia

Hi, my name is Tricia Roberts and I'm a Canadian crochet addict!  
I am the busy mom behind Busy Mom Designs
I live in Ontario Canada with my husband and our 4 children. 
I am delighted to be a guest blogger here today!  
I have my own blog, but haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up with it.  
I hope to blog more regularly in 2013.

I learned to crochet as a young girl, but really got into it shortly after I was married while my husband and I worked a job that had us travelling the country for a year.  Crocheting is my favorite vehicle pastime – well, when I'm a passenger anyway (don't hook and drive!).  However, my hooks got set aside in favor of a sewing machine after my first son was born.  Fast forward a few years.  Two more sons were born and we had several big moves in a short amount of time (we even lived in Mexico for 2 years!).  We finally settled in Ontario just before the birth of my daughter in 2009.  Suddenly I was seeing adorable crochet everywhere I looked!  I started making hats for her tiny little head and I was “hooked” again!  I was soon making accessories for every baby I knew and started getting requests for my patterns so I decided to try my hand at the wonderful world of design.  I opened my little Etsy shop and haven't looked back!

As a family our theme has always been one of social responsibility.  We wish to use our blessings and talents for the good of others.  My husband runs a charity so our children have grown up with daily conversations about counting their blessings and helping those less fortunate.  As a crafter, I am always looking for ways to give back.  Right now I am working on a large package of tiny hats to donate to a NICU/PICU nearby.  I encourage all who crochet to find a way to help others with their talents.  Something seemingly small, like a teeny hat (which can often be worked up in minutes) can be a huge blessing to the family of a little struggling life in a hospital.  There are many ways you can use crochet to benefit others.  There are countless charities that are always happy to accept warm items for the homeless, caps for chemo patients, shawls and/or lap blankets for the elderly, hats for preemies, newborns or sick babies, hats, scarves, blankets or amigurumi for sick children, blankets for trauma victims, and the list goes on and on. 

Today I want to share a pattern with you for a simple preemie hat.  I hope this pattern will be used to bless many little ones and their families!  For more free patterns, see my blog.  And if you're in the market for more preemie patterns, visit me on Ravelry.  Most of my patterns include a full range of sizes from preemie to adults.

Designed by Tricia Roberts (Busy Mom Designs)


ch: chain
st: stitch
hdc: half-double crochet 
fphdc: front post half-double crochet
sl st: slip stitch
FO: fasten off
(): the number of stitches worked 
in a row/round
*__*: stitches between asterisks are to be repeated

Skill Level:
Preemie – 10-12” circumference

Stitch Gauge:
10 hdc sts and rows = 3”

Completed Measurements:
5.5” w x 13.5” h (measured flat from first to last round prior to knotting)

Materials Required:
ñ Sport weight yarn in desired color
ñ 4.5mm (7) crochet hook
ñ Yarn needle
ñ Optional: button, ribbon or other trim/accessory


ñ If pattern says "hdc 2", hdc one time in the next 2 stitches. If pattern says "2hdc",complete 2 hdc stitches in one stitch.
ñ This pattern is worked in the round (like a spiral) without joining.  When one round is completed, do not join with a sl st to the first st of that round, but rather begin your next round in that st.

Round 1: Begin with magic loop or ch 3, 
sl st to first ch to form loop, 4hdc in loop, 
tighten center of loop.(4)

Rounds 2-21: *Hdc* in each st. (4)
Round 22: *Hdc, 2hdc* twice. (6)
Round23: *Hdc* in each st. (6)
Round 24: *Hdc, 2hdc* three times. (9)
Round 25: *Hdc* in each. (9)
Round 26: *Hdc 2, 2hdc* around. (12)
Round 27: *Hdc* in each. (12)
Round 28: *Hdc 3, 2hdc* around. (15)
Round 29: *Hdc* in each. (15)
Round 30: *Hdc 4, 2hdc* around. (18)
Round 31: *Hdc 5, 2hdc* around. (21)
Round 32: *Hdc 6, 2hdc* around. (24)
Round 33: *Hdc 7, 2hdc* around. (27)
Round 34: *Hdc 8, 2hdc* around. (30)
Round 35: *Hdc 9, 2hdc* around. (33)
Round 36: *Hdc 10, 2hdc* around. (36)
Rounds 37-43: *Hdc* in each st. (36)
Rounds 44-45: *Fphdc* in each. (36) 
Sl st in next st.  FO and weave in ends.  
Tie the “tail” into a knot at the top of the hat.

©2013 – Busy Mom Designs – All Rights Reserved – Items made from this 
pattern may be sold for profit, but you are encouraged to consider donating.  

I would like to say a huge thank you to Tricia
I will be making one of those cute hats!
Please say thank you to Tricia and visit his sites!


  1. I entered the 12 Days of Christmas challenge and used Tricia's hat and the administrators at the NICU were so thrilled and loved her pattern. Thanks so much for your sweet pattern!

    1. Thank you ever so much for your comments. I have emailed them to Tricia.


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