Friday 7 December 2012

I've Made Friday Week 38

I hope you are all having a good week!
It's getting cold here and feeling a lot more
like winter.
The decorations are up and the Christmas feeling is here.

1st of all I want to show you the latest
dolls that Answerbrink on Ebay has
for sale.
The auctions finish today.
 I wish I had loads of money and could afford another :-)

Now we have a shelf on the elf called Hotsy.
He has been busy this week.
Now the things are elf do are fun but don't involve
scenarios of things that could be deamed naughty.
Ours is a good elf and Little Red's friend.

 He has absailed down the mirror in the living room
He brought Little Red's letter back from Santa
as he was really upset he forgot something.
The letter has gone back to Santa now

He has zipped lined from Little Red's bed 
 And he has been fishing.

I won a fanstic prize from Don't Drool on the Wool
 I am going to give this magazine to my Auntie Dolly.
She is a fantastic knitter but forgets to make things for herself.
I'm hoping she'll enjoy the patterns and make something for her.
 This Plymouth wool is fantastic and soft.
I'm going to make Little Red a Monster for Christmas.
These tags are beautiful.
I almost think they are too good to put on presents.

This Week I've been making:
 A Jaja Bink hat for a friend.
Little Red wanted to try it on.
It doesn't fit cause it's make for a large man
but he did love it.

I've also made a monkey for one of Little Red's friends.
There are six of them in the family.
So there is a lot for me to make.
I hope I finish them in time.

I haven't made as much as I would like.
I've been having to have a sleep during the day
as my fatigue is a bit worse this week.
Little Red has also been ill.
He was off school for a couple of days
as he wasn't at all well.
To cheer him up we made some snowmen in a jar.
Little Red made a full snowman:
And then we made a melted snowman
They are really easy to make.
We used cotton wool as the snow.
Cut out felt for the hat and buttons.
The nose was just a cut piece of paper.
Little Red's nose was made out of a bit of felted wool.

This week I read:
Midnight: Century of the Vampires (Vampire Dystopia)
by Ami Blackwelder
Midnight: Century of the Vampires (Midnight, 1)
Wow I really enjoyed this story.
It's a Vampire story with a lot of twists
and not your normal run of the mill story.
The main characters Aura & Mark
are trying to survive in a world where Vampires
have taken over.
There aren't many humans left.
They survive and try and fight and kill
some of the Vampires when they can.
They live in a world where you are constantly
trying to keep yourself alive.
I give this book
4 out of 5.

Now it's your turn.
Show us what you've been making.
It doesn't have to crocheted.
Anything you have made is brilliant to see.

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  1. oooh, that little elf is adorable. Love the monkey too. What an interesting snowman in a jar.

    1. Thank you ever so much! Interesting is the word for it :-)


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