Monday 17 December 2012

I will not live in fear

will not live in fear!
will not celebritize the senseless act that happened last Friday.
will not let his disregard for life and the life of those little children break me down.
will not spend my days looking over my shoulder.
will not try to pretend that I understand what was going through that young man’s head for one moment.
How he could possibly have gotten to the point where he would shoot his own mother + then take his anger out on 6 + 7 year olds?
I will continue to uplift the families who are suffering in prayer.
I will remember to watch the last words I say to my children before I walk out my door each day.
I will continue to hug them + snuggle them every bit as much as I was already doing.
I will trust that God has a bigger plan in all this sadness even though I don’t understand it.
I will love more.
Hug more.
Say more.
Do more.
Be more.
So that when my time goes, I will have hugged, said, done and been all that I could’ve to everyone in my life so that they won’t ever wonder how I felt about them.
But what I refuse to do is live my life in fear! I will not let this young man scare me from leaving my home, my husband, my children + my loved ones.
To those suffering in CT + all around the world today our prayers are with you.
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