Wednesday 9 May 2012

What you doing Wednesday Week 7

Good morning everyone!
Half way through the week already.
Yesterday was very changeable with the weather so I don't know what today will hold.

Little Red still has his nasty cold.
He managed to go to school & enjoyed himself
but was very tired when he came home.
Still didn't stop him from not going to sleep.
I'm really strict on bed time.
He has to be in bed between 7pm & 8pm.
We still use a monitor as you can't hear
him downstairs & I could hear him
chatting, talking and playing with his cuddly toy.

Now on to the living room.
I love what hubby has done.





I think it looks fantastic!!!
I keep looking at it and thinking it is too beautiful for our house.

I'm afraid I haven't put anymore work
on my African flower blanket.

Sorry in advance for the bad pictures!

I am however making:
I'll let you know what this is when it's finished.

I'm afraid the other surprise didn't work out.
I was trying to make a wrap with the stitch I loved
but it just didn't work.
I've got my thinking cap on and will come up with something else

I am also making my son a chipmunk.
I found a free pattern.
As soon as I get a bit further I'll give you all the details.

I am also testing a pattern for someone.
Once it's completed I will let you see what it looks like :-)

I was reading two books.
I have taken the decision not to carry on and read one of them.
I was reading:

I love the idea of this book.
The author is fantastic at describing things
but I just feel this book tried to have too much in it.
If the story had stuck to only a couple of the
characters having flashbacks to previous lives
& not as many era's it would
of been a fantastic book.
Every-time I saw the ******** in the chapter
I got mad.
Whenever this happened you had to work out
who was being talked about and what era they were in.
It seemed that the author wanted to cover
any major happening in the history of the world
& lost site of what was needed for the story.
I was going to leave this book and come back to it
but my mum read it and informed me that the things
that bothered me most happened more often.

I am also reading The Outsider by Ademolda Balogun

The verdict is out on this book.
It's good enough to carry on reading
but I'm finding there isn't enough emotion.
I'll hopefully finish it before Friday
and give you a more detailed review.

I would like to give a big apology to Rebecca from Rubeania Fiber Arts
I had her rose on my post but it accidentally got removed
So I would like to highlight Her beautiful rose pattern:
Crochet Long Stemmed Rose Pattern

Now it's your turn to show us
what you are making this week.
It doesn't have to be crocheted we love seeing anything you make.

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  1. Susan, your living room looks beautiful.

  2. The room looks so different! how do you manage to do all that you do and have a young child???! Joan

    1. Joan,

      The work is all thanks to hubby. We have a 5yr old, we allowed him to help a bit and he thought it was boring so he ran off and played. We also had a dog which was interesting keeping him away from the paint. My husband is so talented and no matter what he try's to do he always succeeds.


  3. I'm looking forward to see finished the squirrel :)

    1. I'm going to have a crochet day tomorrow as I have caught Little Red's cold and sore throat. Nothing like curling up with something to crochet when you aren't feeling good.

  4. INCREDIBLE!!!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that long stemmed rose. I must get that pattern!!

    1. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. It looks so realistic!

  5. Love the rose pattern - I've favourited it. Can't wait to see the chipmunk. They're such cuties in our yarD!

  6. That is an insane amount of work! Looks awesome!


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