Friday, 25 May 2012

I've Made Friday Week 10

Good Morning Everyone
It's a beautiful Friday here in England
The sun is shinning and it's nice and warm.
It makes such a difference to everyone!
There are lots of smiling faces about 
and lots of children having fun.

My little man isn't well :-(
he has been up most of the night coughing
and he says he feels sick.
I think it's going to be a day curled up on the couch.
It's such a shame because we had a
really good weekend planned for him
and he is going to miss out.
If we are up to it we might make something together and cheer him up.

I've got one finish this week.
It's kind of a cheat.
When I finished the hat and tried it on
I really didn't suit it!
Hubby took one look and started laughing.
I love the yarn so I have since frogged it and have picked a different design to make.

Sorry the picture isn't good.
I was in a bit of rush to frog it.
I got the pattern from:


The pattern was easy to follow.
They did cheat at parts and just say carry on the increase for the next so many rows.
It did mean I had to write up part of the pattern myself.
I know it was so they could put more patterns and information in the
book but I prefer a pattern that is written out completely.
The pattern worked which is always a good sign for a book.
I do have some books that when I have come to make something the patterns are incorrect.
I love this book and am thinking of making a top and skirt from it as well.
It's the sort of book you don't even need to make anything from,
you can enjoy just looking through it for hours.

I have spent quite a bit of time last weekend and this week
The brain fuzz is slightly better so that I can read
so I have taken advantage of it.

The first book I read was
Jaguar Sun by Martha Bourke.
It's one of the books you can win in the giveaway.



The is about a group of normal teenagers.
They are going about their normal lives until Maya begins to change.
She becomes a "Shifter" and not even a normal "Shifter".
After her change her boyfriend and then her best friends change.
From then on their lives completely change and they have to fulfill their destiny. 
The question is once they have fulfilled their destiny is this the end?
I really enjoyed this book.  
The changes didn't happen too fast but I felt the solstice came too fast for me.
I also wanted the solstice to last a bit longer as I felt it ended too
quickly when there was so much that could of happened
I would recommend this book as a good read.
I give it a score of 4 out of 5.

The next book I read was 
Accidentally in Love with....... a God?


Now O.K. I had a preconceived idea about this book.
I thought paranormal romance - tacky.
How wrong could I be.
Emma has a mysterious voice that has lived with her.
This voice is of a male and he sounds ever so sexy.
Emma calls her voice Guy but he is very infuriating.
He tells her as little as possible.
To get rid of the "Voice"
she is going to have to travel to the jungles once ruled by the Mayans.
She manages to free him and he is everything she has ever dreamed he would be.
Now she needs to figure out what he is and
now she finds he has enemies that are now hers as well.
This story made my laugh, smile, angry and it even has steamy scenes as well.
Don't believe your preconceived ideas, give this book a chance
as it's a really good read.
I really enjoyed reading it and loved how the story progressed.
The book is fantastically humorous whilst still keeping
to the story.
Well worth reading.
5 out of 5

The question this week is:
Blogging Question: How do you handle the writing of a negative review?
To be honest I don't enjoy writing a negative review
but I am always truthful!
I have written a negative review in the past.
I didn't enjoy it but I have to be honest.
I would hate to think I've lied about what I thought about the book.
I always try to write constructively  so that
if the author does read it then they know why I came to that conclusion.

The questions for friendship Friday are:
What’s the best (or worst) advice you’ve ever been given?
What’s one piece of advice would you like to share with others?
Who can you always count on to give you sound advice?

The best is to be myself.
Try and be honest! making everything sugar coated doesn't always work.
My friends especially my best friend Melissa from Lazy Daisy Crochet.

Now it's your turn:
What have you been making this week
& what have you read this week?

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I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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