Wednesday 11 May 2016

Sorry I've Been Missing

Hi everyone!

Sorry I've been missing in action.  I probably will be for a while longer but I wanted to connect with you all.

There has been sooo much going on!


We had a new roof fitted on the house.
This was a huge job and you wouldn't believe the mess!
Next door had theirs done at the same time so it makes it look even better.
We had a couple of windows fitted so you can see what you are doing
and if we ever decide, we can extend into the loft.

I've been walking Benji when I can
and we are setting up the spare bedroom as my room.
My gran is hopefully going into care.
Her dementia is a lot worse and now needs 24/7 care.
She is up all night so at the moment my mum and dad
are having to look after her in shifts.
My dad does the night and my mum does the day.
My gran is 93 with dementia.
Her body is fighting fit except for a bit of arthritis
and the doctor can't believe all her readings are so
perfect at her age.
Anyway if she does go into care she has an electric bed
that you can move either or both the top and the bottom of the bed.
It would be amazing as it means I can sleep in a bed.
So we have been trying to organize the little room to be mine. 


 It's only a little box room so it isn't easy to take pictures of.
This used to be hubbies computer room and general dumping ground.
We have sent loads of stuff to the tip, loads more to the charity shop
and the stuff that is left that we are keeping is going into the loft.
Hubby has bought some boards for the loft and as soon as they are fitted
the boxes can be moved up there.
Hubby is going to build a sound proof cupboard around the combi-boiler
and then we can decorate.
I have chosen my bedding already and I am going with a duck egg blue theme.
I am super excited.

The main reason I have been away is the fact that they are changing my medication
and I had a bit of a fall out over it.
I have been on amitriptyline since 2011 for nerve pain & to get me into a deep sleep.
In that time my dose has gone up and up.
With that my heart rate has gone up and up.
The doctors decided it was the medication was causing this so I needed to come off it.
I have slowly been reducing my doses and increasing my doses of pregabalin
to deal with the pain.
The only problem was amitriptyline is also an antidepressant. 
This has meant that I had a bit of a crash and was all over the place.
I haven't been able to cope with a lot of things so did a bit of hiding instead.
I am starting to feel slightly better but I just have a lot more emotions that I am
normally used to.
The drugs sort of fuzzed some emotions so I never really cried that much.
Now however someone leaving a tv show and I am in tears for the next hour.
It will calm down as my body gets used to everything.
The other problem was pregabalin doesn't get me into a deep sleep.
I have started taking nytol and that seems to be helping.
I did have a few weeks of no sleep or constant dream sleep before
we came up with nytol.

During all this my little man became a big man and went away with school.
The school has been posting pictures but there has been no contact.
He left on Monday and comes back in about an hour.
I am so excited to have him back home.
I know it wasn't for long but he has never stayed with anyone but
with us or family members.
I really hope he had a good time!
It looks like he may have even tried the zip wire

 This was before he left and Benji wanted to go to.
Red Monster took a picture of him and Benji as he said he would
only probably miss Benji.

This is hopefully him giving the zip wire a go :-)

Now my big piece of news that might
keep me away from blogging for a little while longer:

I am having my gallbladder removed hopefully tomorrow.

They are going to try key hole surgery and in that case I would
be out of hospital the same day and have a two week recovery time.
However my gallbladder is inflamed so they may have to give
my the full operation and in which case I will be in hospital
for 3-5 days and will have a six week recovery.

We haven't told Red Monster and he won't be told until I've had the operation.
I will only have it if there is a bed available so it's a case of seeing on the day.

I am super nervous and it's been made worse by hubby catching a lovely virus.
Everyone at his work has had it.
He tried to work through and made himself a 100% worse.
It's a cough and throat infection with flu like symptoms.
He was in bed for 3 days which is not like my hubby at all.
He had to drop me off at my pre-op and I had to go on my own.

If my parents manage to get my gran into a home then hopefully
they will be able to help a bit but if not I am on my own from Tuesday 
next week :-(.
Hubby has booked Thursday - Monday off
so he can wait on me hand and foot.
He has to drop me off at the ward tomorrow and then I won't speak to him
until I ring him after having my operation.
Fingers crossed!

I will do what I can when I can so I'll hopefully be back soon!

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