Tuesday 19 January 2016

Next Steps in Machine Quilting ~ Stashbooks ~ Book Review

by Natalia Bonner

ISBN: 9781617451546
Publisher: Stashbooks
Publication Date: 26 November 2015
RRP: £17.99

Available direct from Search Press.


As I am new to quilting the free motion part
is the biggest thing I have been scared of.
However Natalia has taken the fear out of it
and really helped to see how each it can
be if you follow some simple steps.

In seeing this book I have already ordered
Natalia's previous book;
Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting.

Natalia takes you through a journey in this book.
No matter what level of quilter you are
I am sure you will be able to learn
new free-motion techniques and designs
that really will make your quilts pop.

I don't feel this is a book you just want
to flick through.
This is the sort of book that you pick up
and decide which design you want
on your quilt and you just get started.

The book isn't around long arm quilters.
This is for the home quilter who just wants
to expand their skills and designs
to make your quilts even more special.

The thing I love about Natalia and the book
is she takes you through each design
and how to achieve it but then
uses the designs and techniques to add to others.

You can build up the designs and create
a picture or feel to your quilt.

My husband complains that my designs are simple
enough and that I don't use enough
blocks of basic colour.
With this book I feel confident that I could
fill the space with free-motion quilting
and make a quilt that really does
show off the colours.

I also like the Natalia uses flashes of colour
in a quilt design and encompasses them
with the free-motion quilting to
give a whole new feel to the quilt.

This book has so much to offer to any quilter.

Why don't you see if you can expand your
free-motion quilting?

Available direct from Search Press.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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