Saturday, 24 May 2014

Good News!

Dear All,

I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know
I'll be coming back to blogging!
I've missed you all sooo much.

I'm hoping to start back a week on Monday.
Little Red is off next week so I'll be spending my time with him.

I have been to the doctors and he has confirmed my suspicions
that it is highly likely I have developed fibromyalgia
as well as the CFS.
I have been trying some new meds and a tens machine
so I am hoping that the pain can stay under control so I
can at least function slightly.
There is still a long road to go but at least now 
my Dr. and I can treat it in the best way possible.

Due to my health I have decided I'm not going to
bring back the linkies for the time being.
I can't guarantee how much I'll be able to blog
so I'm going to keep it very flexible.
On the times I can post I'll hopefully get a few scheduled 
so it will seem like I'm here more often ;-).

I hope you enjoy me being back.
I've got a few things I've made to show off
and some reviews of some amazing books.

Thanks for all your well wishes!!!
It really made me feel a lot better!



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