Sunday 10 July 2011


Well today is a better day than yesterday.  I didn't blog yesterday as I was a bit down hearted!  I am in the middle of making an amigurimi for a friend who has a comic.  The body went great and I'm really please with it, especially as it's my first go at making one and I'm making up the pattern.  tried making the head yesterday and it all went wrong.  Ended up taking it apart and starting again.  I've managed to finish the last touches to my bag that was ordered and I've sent a message to my customer.
I've got soooo many ideas in my head at the moment that everytime I'm doing anything else I'm itching to make something.  I've collected loads of ideas and patterns off the internet and am going to spend the next 2-3 months making as much as possible.  I have decided to concentrate and animal themed things for babies and children.  I want to make hats, bags, pins, clips and cuddly toys that match.  I have set up my website and now it's just a question of making the items.  I'm going to try and get enought stock to go to a few craft fairs later on in the year.  probably October or November.  Anyway better get going as need to have tea and get my son to bed.  The future is ahead and I'm looking forward to it!


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